GetJet Airlines is proud to announce that it has successfully completed the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), the benchmark for global safety management in airlines. Get Jet Airlines was certified and joined IOSA’s Registry on the 07th February 2018, this reinforces the reflective significance of the company’s spirit to continue with exceptional standards within aviation.

The CEO of GetJet Airlines, Darius Viltrakis said, “This registration is a major milestone for GetJet Airlines. This was an accomplishment made possible by the hard work and synergy of our employees from all departments who worked tirelessly for the past 12 months in preparing, reviewing and improving all our operational processes and implementation. Not only has this allowed us to meet a voluntary safety audit programme aligned with global best practices, but it has also allowed us to further strengthen the safety and efficiency of our organization”

GetJet Airlines has taken a diligent approach to providing admirable safety and quality services which will also aspire to grow in both flight acquisitions and customer needs.

The result reflects the commitment of management to implement and strictly adhere to a safety-first policy.