From business jet broker to commercial wet-lease airline

February 21, 2015 Company News

Initially, when UAB Oro Taksi (Air Taxi) was established in 2011, the business idea behind it was air transport brokerage services. However, the founders identified that there was a growing demand for ACMI lease and that existing supply will fail to meet this demand in the near future.

Alongside the transformation from a business jet brokerage company to a wet-lease airline, a decision was made to change the company’s trading name to GETJET Airlines.

The founders of the company had always imagined the move from small jets to larger commercial flights, but they lacked financial support. Now, having proven their success in the market, they have attracted Baltic and Western investors that will enable GETJET Airlines to compete in the commercial aviation market.

Their goal is to provide a wide scope of aviation services: from ACMI/wet-lease to charter services, to aircraft maintenance.