The founders of GETJET Airlines had been living and breathing aviation long before this company was born. They came together driven by the same idea – that there was a growing demand for ACMI lease and that existing supply will fail to meet this demand in the near future.

The founders quickly established that their views on how a business should be run matched. All of them believed in an open company culture, strict ethics code and deep devotion to client needs. This all put together resulted in the founding of GETJET Airlines.

After a successful certification process, the Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Lithuania (CAA) granted an air operator’s certificate (AOC) to GETJET Airlines in March, 2016. In May of the same year we obtained an EU commercial license.

Wet lease services soon commenced and the first ever GETJET Airlines flight took place on May 25, 2016. One year later we can say with confidence that our first year was a spectacular success.

During our first season, aircraft operated by GJA flew nearly twice the distance to the Moon and back, carrying 300 000 passengers.

We signed wet lease contracts with companies such as Ellinair (Greece), Blue Panorama (Italy), Small Planet Airlines (Lithuania), EnterAir (Poland), airBaltic (Latvia), and Germania (Germany), among others.

GETJET Airlines fleet consists of five Boeing 737s (four 737-400s and one 737-300) and three more B737s will join the fleet in April, 2018.

Our goal is to have ten Boeing 737 aircraft by the end of 2018 (8 x Boeing Classics and two 737 NGs (737-800).

GetJet Airlines is proud to announce that it has successfully completed the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), the benchmark for global safety management in airlines. Get Jet Airlines was certified and joined IOSA’s Registry on the 07th February 2018, this reinforces the reflective significance of the company’s spirit to continue with exceptional standards within aviation.

GETJET Airlines stands out in the market thanks to our exceptional quality of service and painstaking attention to detail. Above all, we pride ourselves on our rapid reaction to Aircraft on the ground (AOG) situations – we know that when a client reaches out to us it is usually an emergency, so our working principle is to operate like an emergency service.

Our objective is to offer reliable, safe, competitively priced and flexible wet/damp aircraft leasing and charter services with excellent on-time performance and a customer-focused approach.

We ask our team not only to do what is required of them but to always go that extra mile for our clients. They are encouraged to continuously learn new things, improve on their skills and closely follow every new development in the fast-changing aviation industry.

We integrate innovation and business ethics with our operations and maintain close relationships with our clients. We aim to become the new industry standard.

We always take a human approach to every situation we face, whether it is an intricate aircraft lease deal or a middle management HR situation – we always put ethics, understanding and flexibility before commercial considerations.

So whether you are looking to increase your capacity with ACMI lease, planning a charter, or looking for aircraft management services – GETJET Airlines is here to help. Whatever your needs, you can be sure that nowhere else will you receive such undivided attention and care as with GETJET Airlines.

We look forward to working with you,

Your devoted GETJET Airlines team.

GETJET Airlines – a synonym for ACMI Lease

We do not think that delays of five hours or worse (or flight cancellations of any kind or duration) are okay. We do not think that ruined holidays, kids sleeping on airport floors and totally stressed out parents is remotely close to okay.

We hate it. We think it is a disaster.

The sole purpose of our existence is to prevent that from happening. Ever. To anyone.

Our vision is that one day, whenever and wherever there is a problem with a plane, everyone will know who to call – GETJET Airlines. And we will be able to help everyone AT ONCE (fast, lickety-split, tout suite).

No more ruined holidays, lost opportunities, frantic pleas. People will feel safe in the knowledge that – no matter what happens – they will reach their destination. And that will be because of us – GETJET Airlines.

To put it simply – we fly

We fly when others can’t and we will move mountains to get you to your destination. Our mission is to be airborne from base within 2 hours of receiving final confirmation from the client.

Our mission is to hear your needs to the letter and to meet them to the letter. We offer tailor-made solutions to all your aircraft lease problems.

Our mission is to get you wherever you want to go with the utmost competence, care and highest levels of aircraft maintenance and safety standards.

Honest & Human approach

We want to be known as every airline’s best friend. That’s why we pride ourselves on being an open organization. You can easily reach any of our staff at any time. Always. Period. Clarity and ease of communication are among our chief objectives.

Innovative & High Quality work

We are here solely to help solve your problems. For that reason, we have to constantly think outside the box and we have to think fast. Nothing makes us happier than a happy client and we are well aware that our clients can only be satisfied with the very best.

Progressive & Creative Thinking

This probably sounds like a cliché, right? But the difference is that we actually mean it. We cherry-pick our employees with these qualities in mind and it always pays off. With all the rules and regulations governing it, aviation could be a tedious business but it has become quite the opposite thanks to all the creative minds at work.

Passion & Fun

Greatness was never achieved by dragging your feet. We surround ourselves with people who were born with the aviation gene and together we strive to do something unachievable each day. We work hard but we also love to play hard.